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Star City Garden Buffet, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia.
Over 40 jars and everlasting floral arrangements
Star City Garden Buffet, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia.
adorned the counters of the Buffet.

Their brief was to co-ordinate and theme their 50 metre buffet area within a week prior to their opening in 1997.

The buffet areas were categorised accordingly from Chinese, Italian, Soup, Dessert, Salad etc and themed with style, Lyn sourcing many accessories that would complement our decorative preserves and trimmed with elegant or rustic roping in order to maintain a consistent style within the Garden Buffet.

Decorative floral, fruit and vegetable arrangements in rustic urns and terracotta were also made to achieve an inviting, market-place atmosphere… that really works! The light reflecting through the array of decorative jars arranged with precision above the contemporary shaped serveries has captured a truly first class appeal and never ceases to impress their guests, many of whom arrive promptly on our doorstep after viewing these beauties.

Given their tight deadline of 5 days, we proved we could achieve miracles and the impossible.

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