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Lyn Latella
Lyn Latella

Gift Ideas
Try our new interactive Collection pages, where you can see our entire collection and mix and match jar shapes and fillings. Browse the Collections to find the jar shape and size that matches your needs, then click on the filling icons to see that jar filled with your choice of a smorgasbord of country produce.

And if you can’t decide which jar to buy, especially for a gift, we suggest you try the very popular Traditional jar shape filled with festive Cherries or Minestrone; a mixture of colourful surprises to blend with any colour scheme.

Please let me know what you think of our new website. Your feedback really is important to us!

Shop at Cucina Latella and experience the charm of yesteryear ? world travellers comment that there’s not another shop like ours anywhere in the world!

For Hire
Did you know we Hire? ? the cost is low and impact value is high, and you can hire for as little as day, or as long as 3 months. For more information contact us.

We’ve moved!
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We’d love to know if you are a ‘real’ preserve maker, and how our cherries compare with yours. We think you’ll agree, it’s just not possible to capture the colour, consistency and longevity with ‘real’ preserves and we hope you’ll like our variety even more! A lot of pride and effort also goes into making each of our jars and no two are ever the same, making each one a unique work of art.

Please e-mail your comments to us. We hope to assist you with any decorating or gift giving ideas in the future.

Yours fruitfully,

Lyn Latella
Managing Director.

P.S. Click here to view our product range.

Please call back here regularly for the latest information from Cucina Latella. You’ll find:

  • News - new products and installations.

  • Specials - seasonal items and runouts.

  • Decorating ideas - how to use our products to enhance your corporate or home environment.

  • Fun stuff - ideas, discoveries, inspirations.

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